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Red, Orange, Lt. Yellow, Yellow, Lt. Green, Green, Lt. Blue, Blue, Lavender, Purple, Lt. Pink, Pink, Black, White, Gold

Crystalz - White


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lime Green, Teal, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, White, Carnival Mix, Rainbow, All American Mix, Autumn Mix, Halloween Mix, Go Pack Go Mix, That Other Team's Mix (purple & yellow), Jump Around Mix

     **Local school colors are premixed and available. Don't see your colors???  Call ahead and we'll mix them for you.


Dragees  & Pearlz

Gold, Silver, Red & White


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, White, Rainbow


  • Animals - Fish, Butterflies, Dog Bones, Bright Bears, Pigs, Cows, Dinosaurs
  • Sports - Helmets & Footballs
  • School - School Buses
  • Baby - Rubber Ducky Mix
  • Misc. - Flowers, Diamonds
  • Jumbo Quins - Neon, Bright, Valentine, Patriotic
  • Sequins - Bright, Lollipop, Congratulations Blend
  • Special Mixes - Pink Ribbon Blend; Graduation Mix
  • Licensed Characters - Mickey Mouse


  • Kiss Shapes (Red Lips); Mini Red, White & Pink Hearts; Red, White & Pink Hearts; Jumbo Red Hearts; Jumbo Valentine Quins; Heart Shape Mix; Chocolate Lovers Mix
  • Shamrock Mix; Shamrocks
  • Pastel Easter Egg Shapes; Mini Bunnies & Ducks; Bunnies, Chicks & Ducks Mix; Easter Egg Hunt Mix
  • Stars & Stripes Mix; Red, White & Blue Stars, All American Mix; Jumbo Patriotic Quins
  • Autumn Sprinkle Mix; Autumn Quins; Harvest Shapes; Mini Fall Leaves; Mini Pumpkins; Halloween Blend; Bones; Trick or Treat Quins; Spooky Halloween Mix; Halloween Sprinkle Mix
  • Jingle Mix Nonpareils; Christmas Tree Mix; Holly Berry Mix; Noel Mix; Christmas Bulbs; Gingerbread Men; Boughs of Holly Mix; Blizzard Mix; Snowflakes